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Dancing @ Bells Extended Version


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Check out this Clip of Bells Milk Bar staff having fun, and the unstoppable dancing urge that comes over the customers when they’ve consumed one of the famous Milkshakes or spiders served here… be sure to watch till the end. Visit www.bellsmilkbar.com.au to order syrups on line or find out more. for more Broken Hill videos, visit www.mybrokenhill.tv, and visit www.brokenhillaustralia.com.au to learn more about Broken Hill.

About Bells 1950s Milk Bar


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Check out this video featuring milk bar crusader,  Jason King talking about why Bells is an important part of Broken Hill and Australian history. Do you have a story so share about Bells, Broken Hill or any other milk bar or cafe?  Drop us a line in the comments section or email drink@bellsmilkbarcom.au.   For more videos on Broken Hill visit www.mybrokenhill.tv For more information about Broken hill visit www.brokenhillaustralia.com.au  

‘Priceless’ History on the market


Oct 30, 2014 Latest News 0 Comments

Milk Bar Crusader Jason King has announced he is looking for someone to take over at one of Broken Hill’s most iconic tourism experiences, Bells Milk Bar.  After over ten years, Jason is offering the unique business for sale and is seeking expressions of interest for someone to take over the important role as caretaker. “Bells is such an important part of Broken Hill’s history. It is important to find the right person to take it to the next stage in the journey,” he said. “Bells has been such a big part of my life and things are going great [...]

Footpath Patrol


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Born in 1956 with the ‘Rock n Roll’ era in full ‘swing’, the milk bar and ‘Jukebox’, was the teenager’s meeting place; either after school, (on sick days), or after sport, on weekends. Being the youngest I was restricted to the footpath (so not to cramp whatever style my brother and his mates possessed.  Most corner shops would make milkshakes but it wasn’t the same. I soon progressed to motorbikes/cars so ‘Beefy’s’ drive/dinner was the go in the seventies.  To this day I hold a grudge that I missed a period, that Milk Bar Age, so it was so great [...]

Old Style Food now on the Menu


Apr 9, 2014 About Bells, Latest News, Recipes 0 Comments

While Bells will always be a haven for the sweet-toothed and sugar hounds, now you can choose from a range of savoury items.  We’ve tried to keep things old school but circumstances sometimes necessitate a nod or two towards the contemporary.  I’m sure Les Bell would understand. He would have offered Gluten Free foods if the ingredients and demand was there. So what is on the menu I hear you ask?  Well, we are starting with ‘seasonal’ offerings and mix it up a little, but as of right now the new additions include:  ham & cheese toasted sandwiches; gluten free [...]

Out of this world!


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Some visitors to Bells will go to extraordinary lengths to get a drink! we had lots of fun filming this little while ago. Hope you enjoy it! if you have any ideas for future Bells videos, drop us a line via the contact page, or one of the other ways to contact us.

Broken Hill Attractions


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Explore Broken Hill & Discover a Lost World There is so much to see and do in the ‘Fabulous’ Far West of NSW. The area incorporates Broken Hill, Silverton as well as Corner Country, Wilcannia, Menindee, and the SA bordertown of Cockburn.  Below are a few of our favourite local attractions.  Please let us know if you think any others should be added.   (Click here to submit your suggestions). CLICK HERE to go to list.