Old Style Food now on the Menu


Apr 9, 2014 About Bells, Latest News, Recipes 0 Comments

While Bells will always be a haven for the sweet-toothed and sugar hounds, now you can choose from a range of savoury items.  We’ve tried to keep things old school but circumstances sometimes necessitate a nod or two towards the contemporary.  I’m sure Les Bell would understand. He would have offered Gluten Free foods if the ingredients and demand was there.

So what is on the menu I hear you ask?  Well, we are starting with ‘seasonal’ offerings and mix it up a little, but as of right now the new additions include:  ham & cheese toasted sandwiches; gluten free vegetarian lasagne; gluten free zucchini slice, bacon quiche, hotdogs, raisin toast and toast and jam.

Obviously we’ll still offer the range of old-style cakes, slices, apple pies, waffles, and other delectable desserts, but now you will be able to satisfy your craving for savoury stuff.

let us know in the comments below if you have any ideas for other food we should try. (The criteria is – no deep frying, and has to be able to be made quickly and possibly frozen to account for variable demand).

download the  Bells Menu here

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