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Feeling adventurous? At Bells you can choose from over 50 flavours of old-style traditional recipe milkshakes and soda spiders, not to mention dozens of desserts including parfait sundaes (Long Johns), fresh baked Belgian waffles and ice cream or deliciously simple hot apple pie. (You can download a menu and other information here).

Bells appple pie and ice cream

In winter, Les Bell would serve hot milkshakes using the milk frothing like cappuccinos and on the colder days you can still try them.  But don’t worry, the Jasper Coffee will satisfy those looking for something a little safer.

Everything is backed by the Bells 100% customer satisfaction guarantee where we will cheerfully refund and/or replace your order should you not be satisfied for any reason.

syrups row  bells milk bar

The drinks and desserts at Bells feature the Bells own recipe Syrups and Cordials which have always been manufactured by hand in small batches right here at Bells.  Many of the flavours are not available anywhere else. All Syrups and Cordials at Bells are available to take home in a variety of retail sizes.

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